About the UniYatra Group

The UniYatra Group, founded by Ameeta and Craig, promotes educational, cultural, and community-building outcomes, working with individuals and organizations to provide cross-cultural and human-centered learning, products, and services.

Thai Language and Culture Instruction

The UniYatra Group offers individual and group Thai language instruction (basic through advanced; speaking, listening, reading and/or writing) as well Thai cultural orientation/relocation training. We tutor in person in Northfield or online via Google Chat or Skype at very reasonable prices and with flexible schedules. Tutorials are suitable for the serious student or for someone who wants a crash course in survival Thai before visiting this beautiful country.

Educational Travel Tours

We enjoy sharing travel experiences with our participants, and we find the best way to do this is through small groups (of four to six people) that share common interests. We then tailor the itinerary to those interests, making connections with local organizations to offer an intimate and insightful "connection" with the host culture. (We have also offered travel tours to groups as large as 18 people.)  We specialize in group travel to Thailand, Japan, and Laos.

Technology Services for Non-Profit Organizations

The UniYatra Group offers technology consulting services for non-profit organizations.
  • Need help managing a small non-profit organization? Let's talk about the tools and services that can help!
  • Need help figuring out how to put a network together?
  • Want to learn how to apply free and open source software to run your organization?
  • Want to talk with someone best practices for securing your network or computer systems?
  • Need help developing an interactive web site for your non-profit organization?
We encourage you to check out these books written us, friends, and partners:

Where In The World Is Integrity?: The Challenge Of Doing What Is Right, shares inspiring stories of integrity as seen and told by ordinary people. The authors encourage people not only to observe the many acts of integrity around them but also to discuss what they have observed with friends, family, and colleagues. In addition, this book helps readers discover the hidden dynamics that sustain integrity and provides suggestions for encouraging integrity in our lives.
Judy Hyland set out for China in 1940 to work as a missionary teacher. Because of the worsening war situation, she was directed to the Philippine Islands. When the Japanese invaded the Philippines in December 1941, she was interned, and lived in various prison camps until liberated by the American military on February 4, 1945. In the Shadow of the Rising Sun documents, in part, this experience. Buy on Amazon
A Stone House in Pokhara is about the building of Mike Frame's house in Nepal, with digressions. There are stories and commentary on subjects as diverse as the scatology of pigs, how to grow the biggest rack of bananas in the village and a love triangle played out in the mountains. The book includes letters written home between 1962 and 1966, when Mike was a Peace Corps Volunteer, giving the reader an intensely personal account of a particular time and place. Buy on Amazon
Reflecting the ambiance of Mike's Breakfast restaurant in Kathmandu, Nepal, where locals and expats, diplomats and mountain climbers rub shoulders over pancakes and quiche in a secluded garden, this book is an eclectic collection of recipes and stories from mid-western America to mid-western Nepal with plenty of fun in between.

Please contact us at info@uniyatra.com