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About the UniYatra Group


The name UniYatra, pronounced Yuni-Yahtra, is derived from Uni, meaning universal or "one," and Yatra, the Sanskrit word for "journey." We are all part of a journey through life, as we grow, learn, and interact with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Our travels may take the form of intellectual exploration as well as physical journeys.


UniYatra Group, LLC promotes educational, cultural, and community-building outcomes, working with individuals and organizations to provide cross-cultural and human-centered learning, products, and services.

In our work, we strive to do good for others. In some ways, this can take a tangible form; a portion of the profits we make through our work with UniYatra Group goes to support select charitable organizations.

For more information about the people and organizations the UniYatra Group supports, please see UniYatra Group Supports....

More information about us and about our partners is available on our People and Partners page.


Please contact us with any questions: <info@uniyatra.com>