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Thai Language Instruction and Cultural Training

The UniYatra Group's Ameeta Sony offers individual and group Thai language instruction (basic through advanced; speaking, listening, reading and/or writing) as well Thai cultural orientation/relocation training.

Ameeta tutors either in person in Northfield or online via Google Chat or Skype at very reasonable prices and with flexible schedules.

Tutorials are suitable for the serious student or for someone who wants a crash course in survival Thai before visiting this beautiful country.

Authentic Language and Cultural Materials

We offer a variety of authentic language and cultural materials, including a collection of Signs in different languages, including:
Thai Language
All Levels, taught by native a Thai speaker and former Thai University Professor
English as a Second Language All Levels, taught by a fluent English speaker with 10+ years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language
Orientation for
Relocation to Thailand
Taught by a Native Thai and experienced cultural trainer