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Where in the World is Integrity?

Where in the World is Integrity? Book Cover

Where In The World Is Integrity?: The Challenge Of Doing What Is Right, shares inspiring stories of integrity as seen and told by ordinary people. The authors encourage people not only to observe the many acts of integrity around them but also to discuss what they have observed with friends, family, and colleagues. In addition, this book helps readers discover the hidden dynamics that sustain integrity and provides suggestions for encouraging integrity in our lives.

The value, integrity, was chosen because it encompasses so many other moral values; for instance, trust, honesty and doing what is right. Our focus is on acts of integrity. Acts of integrity happen in a particular place; a family dining room conversation during a Sunday dinner, the Wellstone Middle School Playground at recess, the fresh vegetable isle of the local Just Foods grocery store, a tough biology final exam, the photocopy space of an electronics firm, by the CEO in the boardroom as board members around the table plan for a company-wide reduction in health benefits, the back seats of a US airliner on 9/11/01 as it appears that the plane has been hijacked, and during a vote on whether or not to encourage our government to go to war.

Picture of author Bruce Roberts with former Vice President Walter Mondale
Author Bruce Roberts with former Vice President Walter Mondale at the 2004 Peace Prize Forum hosted by St. Olaf College February 20-21, 2004.

We were pleased to see this review for our book on Amazon.com:

We are using this for our adult Sunday school class in my church. It creates great discussions, and the questions help with not only discussion, but also self reflection. My only complaint is that there is not a lot of scripture references, which would be expected from a book published from the Lutheran publishing company. I would love to find a study guide or teacher's manual to assist in bringing scripture into this book. But other than that, this is an awesome and easy to follow book.