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  • ICE - In Case of Emergency
    One of those good ideas: in case of emergencies, keep an entry in your cell phone or PDA's addressbook labeld "ICE" (for "In Case of Emergency"). Emergency personel can then quickly access your emergency contact information if you are in an accident. This proposal was created by the East Anglian Ambulance Trust. More Information is available.

  • dealnews.com
    Breaking news on the latest technology prices

  • Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Ever wonder what you could do with those left-over, expended ink-jet or toner cartridges? EnviroSolutions provides you free postage-paid mailers for sending in old cartridges and will even pay you a small "finders fee" for each item you send in. Details are on their web site.

  • Just Food Northfield Community Co-Op

  • Xcel Energy WindSource Program (Residential -> Renewable Energy Options)

    In case you didn't see the article in the Star Tribune, Xcel Energy is offering a new program in Minnesota called "WindSource" that provides a way for consumers to purchase wind energy. In case you're interested in some of the details:

    According to their application form: "Buying one [100kwh] block of Windsource for a year has the environmental benefit of planting a half-acre of trees or not driving a car 2,400 miles."

    An interesting discussion of the proposal from the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission is available:


    The upshot is that, to meet the needs of WindSource subscribers, Xcel must contract for wind energy above and beyond what they would otherwise provide due to regulartory or legislative requirements. WindSource customers also are exempt from fossil-fuel cost adjustments. The Minnesota program costs an extra $2.00/100kwh, slightly less than a comparable program in Colorado at $2.50/100kwh:


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The links below point to resources we have found especially useful in our work. Most of them are free or are at low cost.

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