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UniYatra Showcase of Thailand

Welcome to the UniYatra Showcase of Thailand, your source for handicrafts made by different villages, women's groups, social projects, and home businesses in Thailand.

We support home businesses and small business producers by offering an outlet for their products at small craft fairs in Northfield, Minnesota. All profits are directed to educational scholarships for needy children in Thailand.

For more information about the people and organizations the UniYatra Group supports, please see UniYatra Group Supports....

Thanks to your support by purchasing these products, we hope to continue supporting the needy in Thailand and elsewhere. Our work may be on a very small scale, but we believe that doing something is better than doing nothing, and that even a small change in people's lives can have wide-reaching impact in the future.

Examples of the handicrafts we sell are displayed on our web site (see the links to the left). If you would like more information or are interested in what we have in stock now, please contact us at 1-507-645-7647 or <ameeta@uniyatra.com>.