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UniYatra Group Technology Services

The UniYatra Group offers computer systems and networking consulting services for small to medium size businesses.
  • Need help figuring out how to put a network together?
  • Want to learn how to apply open source software to run your organization?
  • Want to talk with someone best practices for securing your network or computer systems?
  • Need help developing an interactive web site for your organization?

The UniYatra Group can help!

Systems, Network, Web, and Database Services

UniYatra President Craig D. Rice also works as the Associate Director of Information Systems at St. Olaf College. In this role, Craig coordinates the College's networks (on-campus network of 60+ VLANs with external Internet and Internet2 connections) and the College's Linux, Windows, and Netware servers. Craig also designed and wrote the web interface to the College's home-grown Student Information System, currently containing almost 14,000 lines of ColdFusion code driven by an IBM DB2 back-end.

For all the "gory" technical details, please look through his CV.

Multimedia Development Services

We have expertise in developing multimedia applications, including:

Our Multimedia Development Services include:

  • PowerPoint Presentation Training and Creation
  • CD-ROM Creation
  • Video Clip Creation (from existing videotape, suitable for use with Web and CD-ROM)

Web Site Hosting and Design

We provide customized web hosting services for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. Our services include:

  • Web Site Hosting
  • Web Site Design Services
  • Web Site Design Training
  • Personalized Shopping Cart System

Community Building Software and Services

To foster community building and storytelling between people, we have created software called the StoryEngine(tm). To see an example of this software in action, please visit the Integrity-in.com web site. We would be happy to host your own, personalized versions of the StoryEngine(tm) for use in your community, church, organization, or business.

Many of our customers share a common interest in public service and in spreading cultural knowledge.